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Fruit and Vegetable



White grape varieties are, above all, Chardonnay, Muscat, Riesling. Chardonnay — the most famous white variety, Chardonnay wine is considered the king of wines. Riesling produces sweet and dry wines, distinguished by apple, honey and lemon tones in taste.


The native land of the peach is China. There, a peach tree flower is considered a symbol of eternal youth. On the Great Silk Road, a juicy fruit spread throughout the Mediterranean region.


Plum is a fruit tree of the Rosaceae family. In the wild does not occur, in culture is known for more than two thousand years. Occurred from crossing the turn and cherry plum. Cultivated everywhere, because this cultivated plant is characterized by rapidity, high productivity.


Pear is the name of a tree or shrub and fruit of the same name. Pear is one of the oldest fruit trees cultivated by mankind. The first mention of the pear belongs to the most ancient history — it was grown in China, then it came first to Persia, from where to Greece and the Roman Empire.


Apple — the fruit of apple, which is eaten fresh, serves as a raw material in cooking and for making drinks. Apple-tree is a genus of deciduous trees and shrubs of Rosaceae family with spherical sweet or sour-sweet fruits.


Garnet is a shrub or branchy tree of the pomegranate family up to 6 m high. The flowers are binary double and single, orange-red, reaching 4 cm in diameter.


Persimmon — fleshy sweet berry of orange color. Persimmon is widespread in the tropical and temperate climatic zones. Homeland of persimmons is the northern part of China.


Mandarin is a small branchy evergreen tree of the family of rutae with leathery lanceolate leaves, not exceeding 4 meters in height, or shrub. Leaves are small, ovoid or elliptical in shape. Flowers are single or two in the axils of the leaves.