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Artichoke is a herbaceous plant of the family of Compositae with large inflorescences, the lower fleshy parts of which go to food. Artichoke is a non-blooming flower bud of the plant, consisting of large fleshy scales. The birthplace of artichoke is the Mediterranean.


Basil is a spicy, medicinal, annual, highly branchy plant with tetrahedral stems from 30 to 60 cm high. In the wild, it reaches 70 cm. Its leaves are oblong-ovate, rarely toothed, green or violet up to 5.5 cm long.


Parsley is a small two-year-old plant of the Umbellifera family, the petals are whitish or yellow-green, and have twice or thrice-perforated leaves.


This plant belongs to the family cruciferous. It is distinguished by a mass of useful properties and the presence of a large number of vitamins. In the wild, rukkola grows in northern Africa, Europe; it can be found from Malaya to Central Asia and India.


An annual plant, it manages to ascend in summer, grow and give seeds. Salad is consumed mainly in fresh form with vinegar and butter or in combination with other types of vegetables. Adding salad to meat, fish and potato dishes improves their taste.


Spinach is an annual vegetable herbaceous plant from the Marevy family. It grows to 35-40 cm. In June, small greenish flowers appear. Fruits resemble oval nuts.