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Fruit and Vegetable



From the point of view of botany, the potato is a perennial tuberous plant of the family of nightshade.


Eggplant perennial herbaceous plant. Known also under the name Badrijan or blue. The homeland of aubergines is the tropical regions of India, where they grow in the wild.


Zucchini — an annual herbaceous plant, a family of pumpkin, was brought to Europe from America in the 16th century. Indians of the Iroquois tribe traditionally used zucchini food for 10 millennia and considered them their main food along with pumpkin, beans and corn.

White cabbage

White cabbage is a two-year, light-loving vegetable that has a round shape with densely wrapped leaves.


Broccoli cabbage is an annual vegetable plant of the cabbage family. The most common species is dark-green kochanchiki densely collected inflorescences and thick juicy cobs.


It is also known as "salad cabbage" — a plant, as the name suggests, comes from China. There, this sort of cabbage underwent cultivation and selection in the fifth century AD, after which it gained rapid popularity in Japan, Korea, in Southeast Asia.


Cauliflower comes from areas of the Mediterranean. It was first brought from Western Europe in the XVII century. However, we love it much less than the usual white-headed, and give her the second role. Unlike, say, Europe.


Corn is a tall, annual herbaceous plant that reaches a height of 3 m.


Onions are one of the most ancient vegetable crops.


Carrot are a two-year herbaceous plant of the family of celery up to 30 cm high. Leaves are long-petiolate, twice and thrice pinnatized. Petioles are pubescent. In the first year of life it forms a root crop. Blossoms for the 2nd year.


This is a close relative of zucchini, watermelon and melon, belongs to the family of pumpkin. Its scientific name "cucumis sativus" is translated from Latin as "cucumber seeded". According to information from botanical guides, the fruit of this plant is considered to be berries.


This is a vegetable of the family of nightshade, originating from South America, and occupying a leading place in the world among vegetable crops.


Radish is an edible plant and is grown as a vegetable in many countries of the world. Its name comes from the lat. radix - root. Food is usually consumed by root crops, which are up to 3 cm thick and covered with thin skin, often painted in red, pink or white-pink color.


Beet — a two-year plant of the family of the mare, a root vegetable culture. Her homeland is the Mediterranean. Ironically, a person first appreciated the taste of beet leaves and then rasprobovat root beet.